Located in the Marketplace Mall | 17 Miracle Mile Dr., Rochester, NY


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August 20, 2022


  • TUESDAY – JANUARY 17th (Must be registered this night to participate the following 3 weeks)
  • TUESDAY – JANUARY 24th  (Reverse Night)
  • TUESDAY – JANUARY 31st  (“Surprise” Night)
  • TUESDAY – FEBRUARY 7th  (Endurance Night)

Includes 3 races per night and complimentary pizza. Must be at least 18 years old, or a graduated Youth-to-Adult racer. Points accumulated nightly for 4 consecutive weeks with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes awarded in each group.

Price: $54 per night OR Pre-register with upfront payment of $185 (15% discount) in store. Once pre-registered you’ll be eligible for $12 practice races 12pm-7pm on each league night.

Pre-Registration for each of these events is now open, and is limited to a maximum of 30 racers per night. Register at Customer Service Desk.

**Must be registered prior to 7:00pm on the first night of each league. Once first week has started in each seasonal league, there will be no additions.
1st Place Prize: Name on the IndyKart Raceway League of Champions Trophy, 5 Free Races
2nd Place Prize: 3 Free Races
3rd Place Prize: 2 Free Races