Located in the Marketplace Mall | 17 Miracle Mile Dr., Rochester, NY


  • Reservations needed only for our Group Packages, Birthday Party Packages, and Corporate Events. See links above for more information about our Event Packages. 

— Best Value!
Annual Membership – $50

  • 2 Races on on the day of purchase
  • 1 FREE Race on your next visit
  • 1 FREE IndyKart Raceway T-Shirt
  • Membership Pricing/Special Discounts for 1 full year (starting date of purchase).
  • “Pit Pass” registration fee waived and includes all Pit Pass license access.

“PIT PASS” – $5.00
(Required to Race)

An IndyKart Raceway Pit Pass is an annual registration license for all first time and expired Arrive and Drive racers that is good for one year from the date of purchase. Your Pit Pass gives racers access to the following: 


  • FREE use of our helmets
  • FREE headsock – yours to keep and bring with you each visit
  • Access to your racing score online
  • Storing of your racing history in our database

    member pricing

     All pricing is per person. Any unused races from bundles stay on racer’s account, and never expire.

    • 1 Race       $16

    • 2 Races     $30

    • 3 Races     $42

    • 5 Races     $65

    • 10 Races   $120


    Non-member pricing

     All pricing is per person. Any unused races from bundles stay on racer’s account, and never expire.

    • 1 Race       $20

    • 2 Races     $37

    • 3 Races     $54

    • 5 Races     $85

    • 10 Races   $160

    additional headsock- $3.00

    A headsock is required and must be worn to utilize our helmets. Bring in yours that comes with your Pit Pass or Membership each visit.

    You may also bring in your own helmet as long as it is DOT or SNELL approved with sticker intact. NO Half helmets, Skull Helmets. Must have a full face guard with clear shield or motocross style goggles. 


    • Anyone who should not be in a stressful or physically demanding environment, should not race.
    • If you have doubt, please check with your doctor prior to racing.
    • Normal Operation of the ride may be hazardous to the following people:
      – Those with heart problems;
      – Those with serious back problems;
      – Those subject to motion sickness; or
      – Those with other health problems that may make them vulnerable to injury; and
      – Those who are pregnant will not be permitted to race.
    • IndyKart Raceway has a strict ZERO-Tolerance policy regarding alcohol and/or drug abuse.
    • Anyone who appears to be under the influence will NOT be permitted to race.
    • State law requires that each rider must obey all written warnings and directions regarding this ride and refrain from behaving in a reckless manner which may cause or contribute to injury to the rider or others. Failure to comply is a violation of law and subject to penalty.
    • IndyKart Raceway reserves the right to refuse riders admission if the rider does not meet the minimum height requirements of 48 inches tall.



    1.  A parent or legal guardian is required to sign the waiver and release of liability for all racers under the age of 18 prior to racing.
    2.  All racers 18 years of age and above must sign the waiver and release of liability prior to racing.
    3.  Junior racers must be 6 years old and at least 48 inches tall. Adult racers must be at least 58” tall.
    4.  Participating in the safety video and racing breifing is required for all racers.
    5.  Helmets must be worn at all times with visors down.
    6.  Racers should keep hands, arms, legs and feet inside the kart at all times.
    7.  Remove any loose clothing.
    8.  Cell phones, purses, wallets and valuables should be places in cubbies in Director’s Booth.
    9.  Closed-toe shoes are required to race.
    10.  Indoor kart racing is a non-contact sport. Bumping, blocking, drifting, stopping on the track will not be tollerated.
    11.  During the race, track personnel will communicate with racers by using flags and signs. Racers are required to follow all directions of the track personnel while racing.
    12.  IndyKart Raceway reserves the right to slow down or remove from the race those who do not follow safety rules, the flags and/or signs while racing.



    Links to download and view waivers are below. You do not need to bring in printed waivers as once you register, waivers are signed on each racers accounts and are stored digitally. You may register online as well with the registration link below where waivers are signed and stored digitally, you will then have to “Check-In” at the registration counter before purchasing races. 

    Adult Waiver

    Minor Waiver

    Online Registration